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Optical Shop

When you’re choosing new glasses, it’s a great help to have someone there who can offer expert advice. North Shore Glaucoma Center & Eye Physicians runs their own optical shop at their office in Libertyville, Illinois. Highly trained opticians help you select the right glasses for you from a selection of frames and lenses. They also offer a complete contact lens service. Call North Shore Glaucoma Center & Eye Physicians today to learn more about the optical shop or book your routine eye exam online. Please note that the Optical Shop is available by appointment only.

Optical Shop Q & A

What is an optical shop?

An optical shop stocks a range of eye health and vision products. North Shore Glaucoma Center & Eye Physicians has an on-site optical shop offering a selection of eyewear and contact lenses.

Our optical shop is boutique styled environment located in our Libertyville office, which offers a wide range of eyewear frames. We suggest scheduling an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome.

Some of the brands available at the optical shop include:

  • Rayban®
  • Coach®
  • Ogi
  • Seraphin® by OGI®
  • Scott Harris
  • Cote D’azur
  • Cinzia
  • Aspire
  • Michael Ryen
  • Stepper
  • Vogue®
  • Polo
  • Fregossi
  • Ralph Lauren®
  • Takumi
  • Easy Clip
  • Jessica Mcclintock
  • Izod

The practice’s opticians have undergone expert training so that they can help you pick out your next pair of glasses.

How does the optical shop staff help me pick my new frames?

At North Shore Glaucoma Center & Eye Physicians’ optical shop, the staff spends as much time as you need helping you select the frames that are right for you. Your prescription strength, face shape, skin complexion, and ear shape are among the key things they consider.

It can be overwhelming to go into an optical shop and see rows and rows of frames. Your optician helps you narrow down the frames to try and show you which ranges suit your budget and fulfill your requirements. For example, you might want to have flexible frames that are less likely to break if you’re an active sports player.

Ensuring that your glasses fit properly and are comfortable is their priority. But your optician also has the expertise to help you pick a frame style that suits you.

Does the optical shop give me a choice of lenses?

Yes, you have plenty of choices for your lenses. The prescription from your sight test is the starting point. But you can choose several modifications. For example, you can select extra thin lenses or ones that darken in bright light to protect your eyes from the sun.

If you wear varifocals, you can choose from several options too. Each one gives you a slightly different grading area between long and short vision. Or you might prefer to have one pair of glasses for reading and another for longer distances. You can also order prescription sunglasses.

In addition to a varied choice of lenses and frames, the optical shop also offers a variety of contact lenses. These include monthly and daily disposables and special lenses for astigmatism.

Our professional, friendly, and highly knowledgeable opticians are here to assist you in choosing the right frame and lens style to fit your individual needs. We are dedicated to quality products and personal service. Please call North Shore Glaucoma Center & Eye Physicians today to schedule an appointment at 847-573-9055 or request an appointment online.