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Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

Patients with glaucoma now have a safe and effective alternative treatment to eye drops. At their offices in Libertyville, Illinois, the board-certified eye doctors of North Shore Glaucoma Center & Eye Physicians offer selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT). This advanced, minimally invasive treatment reduces pressure in your eyes to prevent further optic nerve damage and sight loss. Call North Shore Glaucoma Center & Eye Physicians today or book an appointment online to see how SLT can help with your glaucoma.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty Q & A

What is selective laser trabeculoplasty?

Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) is an effective treatment for glaucoma. It’s an in-office procedure that reduces the pressure buildup inside the eyeballs caused by glaucoma.

Your eye doctor at North Shore Glaucoma Center & Eye Physicians applies the laser energy through a special contact lens. The laser triggers a biochemical change in the drainage system in your eye. This helps fluid to drain from the eyeball and relieves the pressure.

Why would I need SLT?

You could benefit from SLT if you have open-angle glaucoma. This kind of glaucoma is the most common, especially in older people. It develops very slowly as the quantity of aqueous liquid in the eyeball increases over time.

Aqueous fluid continually flows from the eye into an angled drainage area in minute quantities. Fresh aqueous flows in at the same rate to keep the pressure in your eyes even.

The drainage angle loses its efficiency over time. Your eye pressure gradually rises, as a result, pressing on the optic nerve at the back of your eye. If the optic nerve is under too much pressure, it can be permanently damaged. Untreated glaucoma can result in blindness.

Chronic open-angle glaucoma reduces your vision gradually and painlessly. Patients often don’t realize they have the condition until extensive damage has been done to the optic nerve. But the North Shore Glaucoma Center & Eye Physicians team offers effective treatments for glaucoma, including SLT.

Is SLT the right treatment for me?

Most patients with glaucoma use eye drops first, which are a good choice when used correctly. But many patients have problems using the drops, and around 50% don’t use their medications as directed. Costs, side effects, forgetfulness, allergies, and complicated treatment schedules add to the problem. SLT offers an excellent alternative.

SLT is a safe way of fixing the drain in your eye to help control eye pressure. It’s been available since 1995, with around 80% of patients reporting successful treatment. SLT lowers eye pressure by up to 30% and has the same outcomes as the best eye drop treatments.

SLT offers patients many benefits at very low risk. Call North Shore Glaucoma Center & Eye Physicians today or book an appointment online to see how SLT can help you.